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This was a light hearted story that made me feel good, and made me smile.

I adored the interaction and lively dialogue. Great lessons for all. Thanks.

God Bless~
This is such a sweet story. I think it's quite clever that the real hero in the story was he r own grandfather not the rock star. You did a nice job showing how the Holy Spirit will intervene on our behalf. Well done.
I smiled all the way through. :-) Great characters, fast-paced even tho there was no "action", and who doesn't love a feel-good story? I have to be honest - the ending is a little on the weak side, but it shouldn't cost you too much. The descriptions put right there me at the table - I felt like I was a part of the scene and was lifting an imaginary glass with them. Nice job!!!
Nicely written with just enough action and dialogue for a good balance. You did an excellent job in your presentation of the teenager's dialogue. You either have teenager's or are around them to appreciate they, like, are so, so...well you get the picture. Very nicely written!
Good dialogue and flow. I enjoyed all this. Very on- topic too.
What a good story of how God works in His mysterious ways, even for those who are "famous".

Good conversation, kept real and down to earth.

I liked this!
Hi -

Certainly, this is a pleasant read.

Thank you for how you shared this rich message.
Good story with lively dialogue. The flow was great and made the read enjoyable. I really love this. God bless!
Congratulations! Nicely done. God Bless~
Strong characters and totally believeable conversation, and I loved the twist of revealing God's working through a greater depth than the thrill of meeting an "idol." Well-deserved win.