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Had me laughing through the first part. When you get to the sweet fragrance, I find myself thinking of the sharp contrast between that and the vindictive imaginings. hmmmm....
I loved the first half of this.
Entertaining and cute...
Very witty, written with a wry and unique voice.
I liked your contrast.
I enjoyed this. Funny but true. I have to admit I was hoping you'd 'get' Bambi! LOL! But I guess that's not the way to be, is it? Sorry Lord. Good story!
ROFL! I love it! I had flash backs to college when some friends drug me to the local "schmall" (the mall was in the next town over) for a makeover like that!
I agree you do have such a unique voice and this was lots of fun to read (down with security guards:D). I also liked the message about coming on too strong. Keep writing.
Hilarious, cute thoughts..and reminds me alot of how I avoid the Counter attacks at the mall. Camoflage, my dear! I loved the humor! God bless ya, littlelight
Fun, fun, fun! I really enjoyed this and appreciate the spiritual application. Too true!
How funny. This is precious! I have been attacked by one or two people in the mall- mostly survey people:) Great humoroue entry!
LOL, Jo! I love the comparison of the overzealous spritzer and the overbearing Christian. Reminds me of the types to knock someone over the head with their Bible:) Very funny read.
Bought a smile to my face. Love your humorous, poke fun at yourself style of writing that gets in the back door and jolts the reader into thinking about deeper issues.
Joanne, this was a treat of a read. You were next in line for a Level 3 award, and also ranked 11th overall (out of 145 entries). So, great work, as usual! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)