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This made me cry, partially because my baby sings in the choir and is going to college in the fall. It really brings home the message that you never stop being their mother. Also just because you get them to 18 doesn't mean they are out of the woods yet. There are still many things to trap them in that big scary world. You did an outstanding job showing just that.
Beautifully done. This was so touching, my eyes are filled with tears. It really moved me. Thank you for this.

God Bless~
This was a great reminder that the cost of chasing fame --and subsequently even having it in your arms-- sometimes carries a heavy price tag.

Really moving work.
Hi -

Talk about a rude awakening. The daughter needed it, though, to bring her to her senses.

That's the way it has to happen for us sometimes...

Thank GOD for his love, grace and forgiveness.
Wow, pass the Kleenex! A fantastic job on this all-too-familiar story.
Wow! This really made an impact! Neglecting her mother for pursuit of fame left a hollow feeling in my gut. Good writing, great story, and powerful message. God bless!
What a powerful story - so moving. It grabbed me right from the start. This flowed so easily and was gripping throughout. All packed with an excellent message about the cost of chasing fame. Great title ... and a great overall piece of writing!
Power, clarity and restraint. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Congratulations! Nicely done. God Bless~
Congratulations! Very well written.