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This is such a great story. I like how you showed that the MC really didn't get it at all.

You had a couple of tiny oops that you've probably noticed yourself -- a missing capital and you're instead of your.

The ending was superb. I really enjoyed how the mother and daughter were willing to give him another chance but you still left it open-ended with the talk looming. You did a great job of handling the topic in a fresh way.
Great job with the topic. I loved the progression within each interaction with his family members. Talking about "prior" and then hoping for "another outcome." Nicely done. I really liked this.

God Bless~
Loved the title, loved the 'ta da', and loved the message.
Great message that is repeated far too often in families today. Glad for the hope at the end. Good writing.
It's great to see stories where Christians are real humans...make mistakes, get forgiven, give great!

I liked this simple story about simple truths.

Good read!
Hi -

Clearly, you drove home the importance of family engagement.
That's so vital to so much in our lives.

In our current driven society, family devotion so often gets pushed aside.

Thank you for stressing the critical need for family bonding.

GOD first, family second, career third. That's decently and in order...
Great story with as great message. Too many families are so busy that they fail to have time for each other. So sad! Glad Tony realized it. Good job! God bless!