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This is a great title. I enjoyed the characters. At first, I thought you were repeating too many words and phrases like man and sold-out. However as I read on I could feel the repetition like I see on TV where the "boss" says one things and his lackeys just parrot it back. You did a nice job with this. The ending was great too. Sometimes just one person makes all of the difference.
Great title for this article! You have captured the secular scene well here. Nice job.
Greetings -

Thank you for this reminder about perspective.

The ending area could have had more punch.

It's such a joy that JESUS trumps it all. I love that Joshua chose our Lord over his buddies and continuance in a sinful life.
Great writing, and I like your title. I wonder if it may be a bit weak on topic, but it is definitely there. The two kinds of fame are always struggling within and Jesus is far stronger that "Jack."
I get this being on topic...sounds like a bunch of garage band members complaining that one of their own left them when they're heading towards fame and fortune!

I like the ending- that one of them reaches out to hear what the "sell out" has to say.

Good read.
Great story. Held my interest all the way through. So glad it was Jesus that Joshua sold out to. Loved it! God bless!
This was very good and a very compelling read from begining to end. The ending was wonderful and left you wondering and hoping that something changed in the three friend's hearts. Awesome writing. Nice work!
A nicely written piece. Given the limit for the number of words, I guess it was without a choice the ending had to come in a little hasty and abrupt to mention one of them responding positively at the invitation to church. My thoughts are if the ending should be such, then the main part of the story should elaborate more on what had changed in the MC that made them feel he is different. On the whole, this makes a good story for a longer version. Good job!
this is one of those stories that I had trouble with the flow but was interested enough to read it till I got it. Never did like gambling.