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Wow! This was some story...descriptive and powerful. The helmet of salvation and the gospel of armor...we all stand ready to be victorious, only through Jesus' blood our Savior who made it possible. Amen.

Well written. Thank you.

God Bless~
A very powerful battle of wrestling with our flesh and blood as well as against the spiritual forces!

Such a gripping tale that many will be able to relate to...sometimes that life's weariness just gets us to a low point and thank God your MC decides not to stay there!

Good writing!
I'm bawling as I read this because I fear you have somehow invaded my brain and are now sharing my every thought with the world. How did you know I'm such a vile person that the world would be better off without. Then a trickle of hope winds its way into my heart and holds on trying to grow strong and weed out the vile thoughts. Thank you for this piece, I know these feelings aren't easy to share whether it be in fiction or a testimonial. Self-loathing does certainly make one quite weary doesn't it?
Oh wow, wow, wow! Yes! Victory! Oh, my but you have penned a stunning testimonial of the power of Christ over the enemy's worst attacks. Plus you have given me encouragement and a will to fight back!!!! Powerful, moving, and uplifting. This has "WIN" written all over it.
This was so incredible! It was deep and yet clear and simple with its message and its reach. You spoke volumes with the line "If I am to win this battle, I must first get in the ring" ... I will be chewing on that one for sometime.

This was amazing with the ability to touch anyone who has dealt with the most intense of battles ... the one within. Wonderful, Powerful! Well done!
Conquering weariness is no easy feat, especially in a battlefield! Nice take on the topic with a story of victory. Good job!
Wow! That is outstanding writing. I was with you through your entire battle with Satan. In one of your statements, it didn't make sense to me, but I could be missing something. You said "sweat drips down my back and stings my eyes." I don't understand how sweat dripping down your back could sting your eyes. I have written similar things before and someone was kind enough to point it out to me. I hope you take this constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is meant. Excellent writing!
Congratulations on a well deserved 1st place and on finishing 7th on the EC list!
An incredible entry, my friend. No wonder you ECed. :)
Thank you all for your sweet comments! This is so awesome! MY first ever first place, yay! This story is close to my heart because it's factual- the events happened just last week. Oh, and the back sweat in the eyes- I caught it too late! Doh! This is why rushing to get an entry in is a bad thing! Lesson learned. Thank you again for the encouragement. I cherish your sweet words!--Sherry
WOW! Powerful stuff! A very worthy win. Congratulations!
What a creative take on the topic. Your descriptive style helps the reader grasp the reality of spiritual warfare. Loved how your MC lunched with Jesus after the battle was over.
Congratulations. God bless~
Congratulations...and welcome to Level 4 Masters!!
This is a powerful portrayal of how the accuser works his incessant smear campaign on every believer - about themselves and about other believers. His gossip mill runs 24/7, but Revelation 12:7 - 12 sound his shut-down siren.
Congratulations on your win, and God bless your writing ministry with industrial-strength blessing.
Absolutely riveting, Sherry, and certainly some thoughts I can relate to. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition. God Bless.
Very, very powerful writing about an important battle we all face in various ways and to various degrees. It was brave to share your comment that it happened only last week too. Well done and congrats on yoru win.
Wow! So vivid and clearly etched words. Thanks for sharing! Blessings...Frances