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Thank you for this interesting and informative article. What an incredible man, your Dr. Weary. You have done an excellent job giving us a part of his story.
Clearly a story worthy of "further elaboration." This could easily be made into a epic novel.

Loved it, and the powerful ending. Dr. Weary...was a wonderful man touched by God.

God Bless~
I love historical pieces about true saints of God, and this is definitely an outstanding work!

I had never heard of this individual and his sacrifices for others...I loved how 'Weary' took on a whole new meaning with his relentless efforts!

Thank you for such a good, unique story!
This is beautiful. You were so creative with the topic and even though the main focus was on the man, you skillfully wove the emotion throughout your story. It is an educational piece and I enjoyed reading it. It's so important to keep these stories alive for the next generation lest they forget. My father-in0law spent many boyhood years in a POW camp and this piece touched my heart.
A tribute with a nice ending to the story. Thanks for sharing this.
I really enjoyed this very imformative walk through your history. I like how you highlighted Dr. Weary's choices to stand between the POWs and their captors - that flowed well easily. The tie to the scripture at the end was spot on. Nice work!
Congratulations on your 2nd place finish!
Congrats, Noel!!! :D

Thanks for this bit of Australian history - I loved it! And the quote by "Weary" at the end (along with his testimony) is amazingly inspiring. Very unique, out-of-the-box story for the topic as well.

Great job! This article looks good with a ribbon on it. :)
A very creative and unique entry for the topic. You've educated this little old lady! Yer dunt arf know some stuff Noel.

A big congratulations on your ribbon. A well deserved win!

Congratulations. God bless~
Such a well deserved win Noel! This was so well written, educational and inspirational!
I was engrossed in this beginning to end! This is someone I never heard of before...and I feel blessed, thanks to your story, to be acquainted with Wearys selfless acts of compassionate help toward those so mistreated. He truly was a living example of Christian love as in scripture Matthew 25: 34-40. This was a true blessing to read. Congratulations on the win for this wonderful entry!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. As an Aussie I have definitely heard of Weary Dunlop, a hero. But I learnt much more from your article. Well done.
Interesting and inspiring story, Noel. Congratulations on you 2nd place win!