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Okay, so pass the Kleenex already. Very nicely done. On topic, relevant for today, sadly, and just plain a "good read."
I love this story, the raw emotions, the honesty of the MC. Well written and touching. Good job! God bless!
I agree with Dannie, "pass the Kleenex" - beautiful story and so enpowering and encouraging to those on similar paths. God is always there and always listening! Amen.

Thanks... God BLess~
This was such a good story. It made me wonder about people who don't know do they get through the troublesome times in life, when those of us that know Him have to pull over to the side of the road sometimes and just break down?

This gave a good visual imagery of the scene being written about, and was a very enjoyable read. Good job!
A beautifully written piece that touches the heart and soul. Well done!
This is a great story. The opening paragraph drew me right in and I was eager to see how this conflict would be resolved.

Make sure you write out numbers less than ten. Also be very careful about quoting song lyrics as they may be still under copyright laws.

The ending felt a little forced to me. I have no doubt God can do such miracles. Maybe if the daughter was a tad tentative about coming home it would have felt more natural to me.

I love how you used the words in the song to soothe the MC. I have a special place for that song because it was sung at our wedding. Though many wouldn't see it as a wedding song, for me it was the perfect fit. I also could relate to the MC aching to see her own mom again and perhaps get some motherly advice for those hard times when the kids just wear you down with their actions.

You did a great job of writing on topic in a fresh and creative way. I loved the officer's southern drawl too. You did a great job capturing the southern gentleman in him.
A very nice job and a very moving story. I understand what Shann is saying in that the ending seemed sudden given the depth of despair the MC was working through.

I enjoyed the way you led the officer to her and her reaction to the lights. It all felt so natural and like we were right there.

Wonderful piece of writing.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level 3!