The Official Writing Challenge
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Lots of good advice in this article. Sounds like a summary of books I have been reading. Well thought out.
Plenty of excellent advice for all us weary and/or discouraged writers. I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. God bless!
A well written piece. I appreciated this and I, as well as many other writers will identify with this.

Thank you. God Bless~
Great writer's devotional. You did a good job of lifting the writer's spirit, and reminding us all what is truly important.

My favorite bit of advice: remind ourselves we are gifted with tenacity...
Truly a 'pat on the back' piece, designed to lift us writers up when our load grows weary.

This was a great reminder that we need constant refreshing and encouragement in our daily routine.

Nice job!
Thank you for sharing this thoughtful piece. As writers, we certainly need to constantly encourage ourselves to keep on going. God bless.
This is definitely something so many of us can relate to. there is nothing quite like pouring your private thoughts to a total stranger and then be rejected.

I noticed just a few little things. First, in the title there should be an apostrophe s in writer's. I also noticed that you used the same word or phrases several times. It had been suggested to me once to try and challenge myself to write on topic without using the topic word. It made a huge difference in my writing and I found myself eager to look for great action words.

You did definitely get the topic. you also gave some great advice. To a non-writer, it may seem simple, but we really know how difficult and overwhelming writing can be.
This is very good and encouraged me to keep pressing forward. Thanks!
What better to illustrate weariness than to describe the feelings of a writer! Thanks for the tips and encouragement. Good writing.
Congratulations for placing 11th in level 3!