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Ingenious devotion, loved the entire premise. Great thought provoking moments.

Thnak you. God Bless~
Great analogy, and an important message. Very well-written, too. That last line, especially, will stick with me.
Oh, running in His shoes! Fantastic.

I loved the comparison of running a marathon and our faith life.

And this: "My friend left me in the dust on the first lap. Somewhere around lap two, I lost feeling in my limbs. Lap three, I thought my lungs had turned inside-out. Lap four is a blur. Five... Six... Seven? I lost count at some point. Let's face it- I didn't have the endurance for running track."
--beautifully describles struggles and weariness of our faith lives.

The very last line is inspiring, and perfect.
I love this! The statement that we grow weary because "we carry loads that our not ours to bear" is just an anointed thought!

How many times do we drag along things that we ought to leave at the foot of the cross? Many, many...this writing reminded me of hearing the good news as something new and fresh.

Really good!
An excellent approach to writing a devotional. Great job!
This is a great devotion. I really liked how you shared a personal life situation and then applied Bible verses to it. Nice job.
Awesome work - I totally enjoyed this devotional. It was so well crafted and loaded with timely wisdom we all need. Great job!
I loved this. It grabs attention from the beginning and holds it all the way through. It is also very devotional and reverent. Good writing.
Congratulations on finishing "Highly Commended!"
Congratulations. God bless~