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Wow-I had no idea that statistics for suicide is so high. Hope is the answer for those with suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and we need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that we can discern those around us that struggle with this. This was an excellent reminder. I have seen and known those who have committed suicide within the church and also in the ministry that I worked in for 19 years. It is such a sad, haunting memory. Thanks for sharing. God bless!
A well-written entry with pertinent information for the readers who aren't aware of these statistics.

It is up to each and everyone of us to "pay heed" to slilent prompters that could be indicative of suicidal ideation. So, many people are suffering, and so many might be saved if intervention were applied.

With Jesus'help all things are possible.

Good job. Thanks.

God bless~
Very nice commentary on this subject. Well written as far as the statistics go, but also, so poignant with the Christian view of having us be aware of those around us and a potential for hurting hearts.
I have tears streaming down my face. I felt like you were speaking just to me. I've had several bouts of depression when the agony of living and the thought of being a burden to those I love overwhelmed me. This past week was an especially difficult time. Your prayer is one I should cut out and paste in my Bible to say over when I get too tired of living in pain. You really made a difference to me today. God bless and thank you.
Wonderful message and so timely. I loved how you, at the end, brough it back to a call for us to be aware and sensitive of those around us. That is SOOOO needed today, especially in the church. Your piece was very well crafted and flowed easily. Nicely done!
Oh, my! When I first started reading your entry, I didn't know if I wanted to continue because of its subject; however, I must say you presented it in such a way that not only was interesting but very factual. I also appreciated you giving the reader suggestions on how to deal with people who might very well be on the verge of ending their life. I thank you not only for your entry, but applaude you in how you presented it.
This is very interesting. Any one of us can find ourselves, at times,among those who are weary and have lost hope. How we need people who care, and also need to be alert to that same need in those around us.