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This is a lovely testimonial. It is so true, especially now how so many seem to put such value on material things. Thank you for the gentle reminder.
I imagined being in the high mountains of Peru, trekking from house to house in search of those called to the Father's kingdom!

Preaching the word of the gospel brings such richness to the soul!

This was a wonderful testimony--I felt as if I was there, celebrating the new souls!
I loved the intensity of this powerful entry. It's always a wonderful feeling bringing the word forward.

Nice Job. God Bless~
Thank you for sharing this. We take so much for granted. We don't even know how much of the world lives. Great title!
I really enjoyed this. Well written truth with a well needed message.

Thank you.
What a meaningful story, or account, and so well written. I hope it is used to spur us Christians on to be faithful in service for our Lord. Thanks!
I enjoy reading your missionary accounts. What a blessing indeed to witness true wealth in the midst of such poverty!

You made your point well throughout the course of the story, and the title really brings out its powerful message.

Well done!
This story brought back such wonderful memories for me (having served on short term missions to South America, Africa, and Asia). The way you allowed the moment with each group of people to shine was wonderful and well crafted.

I especially liked the scenes at the end with the two sisters. It really does create a lasting impact in your soul to simply see someone re-washing 5 cups. This was a great piece that touched me deeply. Thank you!
Excellent point made on topic! Thanks for sharing this.
Beautifully written. It would be interesting to know if the two ladies borrowed cups to have five. Very familiar scene all over the Third World. Thanks for bringing it to us.
We are so spoiled in America and we take so much for granted. We want and yearn for earthly riches when the greatest treasure of all is knowing and sharing Jesus' love. Thanks for this wonderful story. God bless!
Thank you for sharing this. It is always such a joy to hear and read of mission work and how the Lord works in environments and ways we cannot imagine. Too often we have been spoiled to think of ourselves as being deprived until we see the many who live their lives simply, sometimes even without basic essentials. May we have a big heart to reach out to these people in sharing the little or much we have been blessed with in the Lord. A nicely written piece. God bless.
Congratulations on your 2nd place finish!
I congratulate you on this placing. I loved the entry and can only say, "Well Deserved."
Alright! Second Place! Way to go, Allen! :D
Congratulations and God Bless~
Congratulations! Good job!
Congratulations on placing 13th overall!