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This is a great story. You drew me in and made me want to keep reading. It reminded me of the girl scout song we used to sing Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Friendship is indeed a measure of real wealth.
Hmmm...the beauty of a life-long friendship that transcends all things is a true gem!

Your story made me think of my very best friend, who I see very little and not very often, but with whom I share a trusted friendship because she loves me with the love of God.

A very rich story of that which is golden, lasting, forever.
Beautiful story that made me think of my "late best friend." This was a lovely story and touched me so much. Thank you for this.

Great story. GOd bless~
You hooked me right from the start and I felt your ending, while not a surprise, was believable.

A very enjoyable read. Thank you.
Well written story. Very good job. I love your description at the beginning.
I really found your story interesting and meaningful - I thought it was real life until I saw your footnote.
Thank you so much for reminding us of the value of true friendship!

You obviously have a heart for the lost. I pray He uses you and this article to touch many lives for Christ.

It's never too late!

Love this!
This was awesome! I felt like cheering at the end. The interaction between these two friends was so well written and the MC's friend (the one who needed the Lord) was so presented and so realistic. I felt like I was there in that coffee shop with them. Wonderfully done!
First you made my mouth water to join the ladies, then you made my eyes water and I felt the urgency. Excellent hjob and it very well could be someone's true story.
I enjoyed this very much. The chocolate was appealing and so was Carolyn! Good job.
You caught my attention right away with a strong beginning. A few phrases could have been tightened a bit. For example: "enrapt in anticipation" could shortened to "enrapt, we..." "Avert my eyes" would be better than "Avert my eyes away" I can still see my highschool creative writing teachers red ink as he scratched unnecessary words out of my stories!
What a wonderful story of love and determination. You have used beautiful phrases and descriptions, bringing the scene to life in my mind. The MCs sense of shame is clearly conveyed; I love the sentence that suggests it's 'presumptuous' to accept Jesus when starting death in the face. I can relate to that; not the dying part, but the feeling of not being worthy of Christ's forgiveness when I have intentionally gone off track. You did an excellent job with this story, really well done. Blessings.
I love this story. I felt the friendship between the two, and enjoyed their rich fellowship. So happy that Carolyn kept the door open and continued to share Jesus. Well written, kept my interest, had a great beginning, middle and end. God bless!
I was at that point three years ago when I was told I was about to die from cancer. thats when I gave my life to Jesus and he saved me, in life and from death. I loved this story and one Im gonna be able to write like that...God willing....absolutely beautiful.
Such a risk for those who wait until it is too late! A very well crafted piece with a message that comes through very well, much true to life. Well done!
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish!
Not at all surprised that this placed well. Good entry! Congratulations.
Congratulations and God Bless~
Congratulations Annie! Great job!
Congratulations for placing 16 overall!