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This is a clever take on the topic. I really enjoyed the analogy and so know how true it is. This is a delightful piece (of chocolate :)
Ah, a dissertation on my favorite richness of all : chocolate!

This is definitely a great take on the purity that comes from a refiner's fire...and the richness of the soul who is taken through that process.

Really delectable! Thanks!
After salivating during the chocolate phase... my heart was truly blessed with the powerful full force meaning by this well written piece.

The refining process in our lives through trials and valleys do help with our characterization making us more Christ-like through the process. Finely chisled in His likeness. Nicely done.

I really enjoyed this so much. Thank you.

God Bless~
A good take on the topic. It puts a different aspect on being put through the grinder.
Thanks for the devotional lessons contained on the wrapper.
Very informative, interesting, and applicable. Chocolate is indeed a rich treat to us, and so are precious people who have endured the conching process! May we be willing to pay the price to be one of those.
Living stones, refiners fire and the Potter's wheel, all made into one sweet treat.

Poor waist line doesn't stand a chance.

An excellent take.
Yummy article, so full of rich truth. The chocolate needs the right temperature in the melting process because too much heat and it will get bitter. In addition, not enough milk and even the semi-sweet chocolate will be too bitter to enjoy. I loved your article and can, certainly, relate to this process more easily than refining gold since I have no chance this side of Heaven in seeing that process. Great job!
One of my favorite local events is the Chocolate Affaire every February in downtown Glendale-booths set up serving and selling chocolate in every possible way imaginable. People come from all over to attend. So I particularly enjoyed this entry, especially the contrast to life. I have gone through "conching" numerous times in my life and I wouldn't trade what I learned from those times for anything...yet I wouldn't want to go through those experiences again either. LOL Well written entry, great job. God bless!
Nice take on the topicso rich and creamy!
Congratulations on your HC placing. Well deserved.
Congratulations and God Bless~
Congratulations Hiram!
Congratulations Hiram! Always enjoy your entries! Good job!
Congratulations on placing 20th overall and on your HC!