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This story is a reminder of how we take on roles in our real lives, pretending, hoping, really, to be something that we're this woman's search for earthly riches, her disappointment comes through in droves....really good writing!
I really enjoyed this. I picked up on the conflict right away. Part of me ached for her and part of me felt you blew it. Upon closer scrutiny, I realized I have that opinion of many actors. It's easy to forget they are mere mortals in need of Jesus as much as any of us. This was a fresh take on the topic and I enjoyed it beginning to end.
Very entertaining read. I loved the drama.
Nicely done. I loved the drama and the truth presented. Riches are so fleeting. The MC was so rich and now she just hopes to pay her rent! Makes me glad that my "riches" come from Christ Who will never leave me!
Wow this was so well written, almost like a screenplay. I could see this as a top broadway play, or on the big screen.

I loved the ending with her heading back to Ithaca. great job. God Bless~
I thought your entry was intriguing...and a story I would like to continue to read...what caused her fall?...what did she give up to get?...does she give up, or try again?...find a different new success? I said intriguing...will be watching...
Good luck with it.
I enjoyed reading this; it held my interest throughout. The picture I get is that riches in the world's eyes are fleeting at best, and never enough. God's on the other hand, are everlasting and just get better and better.
I enjoyed this very much and agree with others that the inner conflict in the MC grabbed me from the beginning. I too look forward to hearing more about this MC as the ending was a bit abrupt for me ... it left me wanting more - but that's a good thing! Wonderful work!
This was such a good reminder of how chasing fame and fortune are fleeting, that everyone needs Jesus and how the outer appearance isn't always telling a true story. Well written. God bless!
A very well written piece with excellent imagery. I was able to picture the scenes and feel along with the MC. The entire story was smooth and capturing, drawing in your readers from start to the end and wanting more. Great job!
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level three!
A screenplay written like a pro! Nicely arranged and pops with realism. The reader feels like he is looking over the MC's shoulder. Your writing talent continues to grow in leaps and bounds! (Heads up on a few punctuation slips.)