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Your story is moving, and it made me think of how many Buckeye Annies exist in my world that I overlook each day as I wonder through this life--

I think your words have moved me to reach out and touch the know a richness of those who are spoken of in the Beatitudes...

Thank you for your story.
Wow this left a lump in my throat. You did such a wonderful job of describing Annie. I could picture her in my mind; she looked a lot like the person in my town who roamed the streets -Cat Crusher. My mom always scolded us when we called her by that name. She insisted we refer to her as Mrs. >>> I too wonder if I could have reached out to her. My mom was an excellent example to us and I know she dropped off food for her. I wouldn't be surprised if Mom told her about Jesus Your story really touched me and made me realize we can all do a little more. Soon that little will turn into something grand. Nice job.
There was a lady in my neighborhood that could have been your Buckeye Annie. I still remember her to this day too!

Thanks for sharing this touching story

God bless~
I enjoyed this very much. You captured the character in a wonderful way and made all of think of people we've known. Great writing!
This story was so well written and conveyed a lesson we all need to remember. You painted the scenes so clearly, of Annie, of the town, of the impression and rejection everyone sent Annie's way ... so well constructed. Wonderful job!
Good descriptive writing. I could "see" Annie in my mind and could feel the child's fear.
Enjoyed the read. How true for a fact that we are rich in our heavenly Father's love. We certainly ought to make every little effort we can to bring someone to Jesus. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.
Congratulations on your well deserved 1st finish and placing the EC as well!
Congratulations on your EC! Well deserved.
Congratulations on getting EC and first place at your level!
Congrats on your winning entry! Your piece brought to mind a woman that roamed the streets of my hometown that were cruelly called River Rat. As kids, we tormented her, yelling mean things her way. God loved her and all those in her predicament as much as He loves the rest of us. So often, we let appearances stop us from ministering to those in need. Thanks for the reminder.
Congratulations and God Bless~
Congratulations! VERY well done!