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I think Emily needs to apply for sainthood! She has a word in time, a scripture for everything, and a determined fierceness for the riches of her Savior!

How wonderful that her heart is turned to touching the hearts of others -- an evangelist's heart that is surely blessed, and a blessing!

Good story.
I really enjoyed this friendly banter. I think we all at some point dream of what it would be like to be that rich..However, I've seen the reality TV SHOW, The Real Housewives and they are messed up! How much better to live in a tiny place and to know Jesus.
I love the conversation between Emily and Debra, also the reminder that true riches aren't found in material possessions, but in Christ. Good job! God bless.
This story flowed so well an easily and delivered a great message! I enjoyed the very realistic interaction between these two ladies and was touched by their concern for their lost friend. Nice job!
Hi -

Thank you for that truly meaningful message.

It's vital that we keep things in perspective from the pages of the Holy Bible.
Great story-great message. It is sad how so many envy earthy riches and yet, neglect to praise God
for what they are really rich in! People should know just by looking at the lives of most of the rich and famous that money does not buy happiness. The blessings of the Lord brings true wealth and I enjoyed how you showed that through your MC. Well written, enjoyed the read!
Most of us can relate to Debra more than we'd like, and need to be more like Emily. Thanks for the reminder.
An interesting story with a clear message directing its readers to the right way of thinking about riches. God job on a well written piece.
The wisdom displayed in your story is profound. I enjoyed these ladies conversation. You've left me with a lot to think about.
Oh this is great, and so real - I love the conversation of these two friends- their honesty, their 'keeping each other on trackl', their sharing of God's Word, and particularly the compassion and love for Andrea, Beautifully written. Many thanks.
Hi there,
I love the interaction between the two girls.
How often don't we wish we were like others, yet never realizing that they perhaps wish they were like us.
Good scriptures and excellent lesson.

Lovely read.
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level three! Happy Dance!