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We all know people exactly like your characters, and it was nice to have this story end on such a positive note. I was reminded of the "Goofus and Gallant" stories of the Children's Magazine "Highlights" the way it is written. Thanks for sharing.
Hi -

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

Puzzled as to how all of those question marks show up with my post of this piece?
This is a great story. I loved the characters and the conflict you built up.

The only thing I noticed is the transitions between paragraphs was a bit rough. Perhaps mixing up the sentence structure a bit would cut down on that.

The ending was great. I loved the play on Rich's name and how happy he was as a janitor. What a message for us all.
Hi -

Thank you...pleased that, for the most part, you enjoyed the story. Also, I appreciate your tips.

Note: Earlier when I viewed this, a bunch of question marks were inserted into my piece. I had no idea how those question marks got there...thankful that they have been removed.
I loved your take on the topic "Rich" that was used as the man's name in this.Loved the happy ending, especially for Merle. God bless.
I too enjoyed the successful twist on the theme topic. I enjoyed also how the MC (Rich) prayed first before accepting the position - nice touch.

This was well written and a very 'feel good' read. Nicely done!
Oh I really loved this entry. I was moved from beginning to end. So well written and it touched my heart. Thank you for this.

GOd Bless~
this makes a great point, both of how riches can change, and of what true riches really are. thanks.
An interesting read showing how having the Lord can make a difference and change things around. Well done!