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Interesting and well written. It makes me think of a very familiar story in a more personal way. Thanks
Beautiful account of what Lot may have been feeling as he fled his city that was destroyed. Well written and on topic, good job. Thank you for bringing Lot to life.

God Bless~
Excellent writing on a story we are all so familiar with. It was nice to see what might have happened with dialogue between the two. This entry read smoothly and kept my interest from the very beginning.
You did a good job with this story. One thing I never thought of before until I read this: really, Lot should have been responsible for his wife, right? Why didn't he keep her looking forward, I wonder? Hmmmm... It would have been hard not to look back except I would have been to scared to disobey. I'm a rule follower:) Nice job on this story!
I just love this modern take on Lot's side of the story. Excellent and creative job.
At the part about the billowing smoke from the city, I knew that it was Lot's story ... and then I realized what you had done with the letters of his name. Quite clever. ;)
This is a work of pure genius. I have read many stories about Lot and his wife this week but your POV was delightful. You did a marvelous job bringing the story to life. It's good to have empathy and try to imagine what it would have been like for Lot. I giggled a bit about the walking backwards. I guess there is always a loophole when God loves us. That's why he gave us the greatest loophole of all time-Jesus. Great story.
I agree with the comment above, the walking backwards was a very interesting thought. Good job with this interesting story.
A well written, fresh take on a familiar story. Good job. God bless!
I thought this was very well written except for the dialog about Lot's wife dying. It lacked emotion.

If he did not get on with her I would not expect a song and dance, but even that would create an emotion; perhaps a guilt. But for me, this needed a little more at that point in the story.

In every other way, all credit to a great job.
An interesting way of putting the biblical event in a story. Nicely written. God bless.
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level three!