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This is a really good devotional format; your thoughts are well organized and presented in a very amicable way.

I would like to offer some critique about the numerous spelling errors (maybe typos?) and grammatical problems...(i.e oblivious and important are misspelled and the verb conjugation for "the most interesting thing that needs your full attention are up ahead" should be correctly written as "is up ahead"...the subject of your sentence being 'thing'. That's just to name a few)

I would only like to suggest the use of a spellcheck and a review of your document in the future, it should catch all that kind of stuff for you.

You have a great knack of bringing your reader into the story you want to tell. Your points are well made, and if the technical stuff is cleaned up, your work would be completely amazing.

I really enjoyed this clever piece. I especially liked the analogy of the rear view mirror. Your examples were important reminders of why we need to look forward...and yet although it is a serious topic, you managed to throw in some levity along with your powerful message.

Nicely done. I liked it so much. God Bless~
A wonderful lesson here! I too loved the analogy of the car driving and looking ahead as opposed to looking in the rearview mirror for too long. What a great point! Nicely done. Please ... keep writing.
This is a wonderful message. I really enjoyed the driving metaphors because after all life is one big journey.

The only thing I would suggest is to save your exclamation points for dialog. If you use them too much outside of dialog they lose the wow factor. Not to mention the words you used did the exclaiming for you because you did a great job of using just the right word to get your point across.

You also did a great job on the topic. I've read quite a few about relationships and looking in the past but your driving examples were fresh and fun and something that most people can understand totally.
A great challenging entry. I love the last line "so lay aside the weight and drive." Good job. God bless!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!