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This is very powerful and full of tension. I would have liked to read more, to see a bit more clearly what/who the ogre was, and why the MC was so afraid. Well done.
Open to interpretation, interesting, and well written. I felt the "fear" of the little girl, my heart went out to her. Perhaps she was an abused child, or perhaps she was mentally ill? Or even still, maybe she was abandoned. When one wonders about possibilities, it is the sign of a good writer.

This story had a ring of authenticity...I pray it wasn't a true story, but if it were I pray the Lord helped this little child.

God Bless~
This is a powerfully moving story. The fear, the anxiety and suffering of the girl is actually tangible. The story leaves the reader tense, watching for the monster to be revealed then banished.

I felt robbed by the ending; there was no closure,not even a hint of resolution for the MC's dilema. My parents were foster parents, the 'safe place' where abused children were brought to hide when taken from abusive homes in the middle of the night.

This story crushed me, I did not like the way you left the reader's heart bleeding. My heart hopes this was a fiction and not a biography.

Very well done! I guess since there was so much abstract that I, for a time while reading, thought the ogre might be something more metaphorical ... like 'perfection' or the pursuit of it (I could be over thiking it). But i too enjoyed the tension you created and also wished for a longer story (but understand the constraints of 750 words).

But it flowed SO nicely and the MC gripped you right from the beginning.
I too wanted closure, but rereading your piece, I started providing possible answers in my head. Simultaneously disturbing and gripping. Left me wanting more.
Wow what a powerful story. I could feel the MC's pain. You managed to capture a torn and broken child and brought her to life with your words. At first, I thought the ellipses were a bit distracting but as I let the story sink in I gained a greater respect for them. How sad to be a child who constantly has to pause and look over her shoulder. Brilliant piece of writing!
Congratulations for ranking 12th in level three!