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I really enjoyed this story! I'd never really thought of those running through the Red Sea with Moses in this was a great concept that brought forth joy in the final moments of your words.

Thanks for sharing! Good job!
Wonderful story! I really enjoyed this. It flowed so well and I appreciate the viewpoint of the exodus from the MC - it really brought a new life to the journey. I loved the link "Egypt, no longer rules and reigns over God’s covenant children." So much depth in that one phrase. Excellent job!
This is such a nice job and creative idea. I just never thought of the individual people in that march through the Sea. Your article brings that home so well. Makes me want to take a closer look at the people living through the events of the Old Testament. Thanks!
This is quite interesting from beginning to end. Thanks for the good writing. It makes me really think of what that fearsome trip might have been like. good job.
Beautiful job with this. Original take on the Exodus...nice dialogue and good job of showing their fear and trepidation.

Thanks. God BLess~
Delightful take on the topic. A pleasure to read. Well written. Good job. God bless!
Ooohh this is so clever. I really enjoyed watching the Exodus from Rachel's eyes. You brought the story to life for me. This is a perfect take on the topic. I've read a lot about Lot this week, but you took a fresh path. I really enjoyed every word.