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Sweet and oh so light hearted. Just what I needed right now. I can be soooo serious. Thank you for mother duck. I adore this poem.
04/28/12 sweet and so true. Thank you for this. God Bless~
Awww, I'm a sucker for cute little baby animals! This is lovely. You paint such a beautiful picture with your words; I would love to see this in a child's room framed with a picture painted in gentle shades of yellow and pink and green.

Thanks for making me smile. Well done.
Giggle ... I could just see those cute little button butterballs waddling after their mother. I love this!
This is just beautiful. The descriptions are so vivid that I can see that little line quite clearly! Just gorgeous - but also I feel with quite a picture lesson of application. Thankyou.
This entry would be perfect for a children's book with all the pictures you conveyed so vividly throughout this lighthearted piece. Cute, sweet and even whimsical in places. Nice work.
I consider this "warm and downy" (as opposed to "warm and fuzzy") in nature! I love your opening image and your simile. I'm smiling as I imagine this Mother Duck teaching her young, then forging straight ahead, and not looking back. This makes me want to change all of children's fairy-tales to "Mother Duck" stories instead of "Mother Goose." This is truly great work!