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Your thoughts in this dissertation are those that all of who put ink to paper think every day. What an interesting, lonely but magnificent struggle the call to be a writer presents !

I would like to offer a small critique...a break in your thoughts, a space between paragraphs of like thoughts would make the reading easier. Sometimes writings that run together like this seem hard to read, and the reader loses their way quickly.

Keep putting ink to paper! You are not alone in what you wonder about your writings, you share it with each one of us that turn to writing.

Be encouraged, your words are clear and move your reader to thoughtful insights.
I appreciated the way you chronicled the journey, the fears and struggles, we all face as writers. I was touched by the concluding point about the joy of personal fulfillment ... that really spoke to me.

I agree that blank lines between paragraphs would have made this piece much easier to read.

Please keep writing ... this was very good!
How I relate to this! You have perfectly described feelings we all have, especially if writing is really in our hearts. I enjoyed this and was personally encouraged by the thoughts you expressed so well.
My Dear Colleague- you did a marvelous job with this entry. You've managed to capture the vulnerability that almost all writers go through at one time or another.

You clearly were on topic. God gave you the heart for writing, when He places something within our hearts and we are passionate for it...He will usually help us accomplish our goals.

Top Literary Authors have had their fair share of "rejection slips" or "no thanks - we'll call you." Including this writer! LOL.
I congratulate you...that means you are a REAL WRITER. For only those who write can be rejected! Those who don't won't receive any. Think about that for awhile.

Thank you for this..nicely done, and nicely told. Keep writing Sweetie, you have a gift. I look forward to your next entry.

God Bless~
I think you have described very well the typical life of a writer, yet through your entry, you give a hope that we all have to have in order to proceed. I found your article quite difficult to read since there were no paragraph breaks. Perhaps that was an oversight on your part. My feeling on rejections is a good one; without them, how do we grow? Nicely written!
Ah,yes. I know this struggle all too well. Unfortunately, I can only relate to the first half. The second half, where you make peace with the world of the written word, is yet beyond my grasp. I started writing about a year ago. I think in the last year I've made the serious decision to quite three different times. I'm still writing, but I consider quitting on a weekly basis.:) I'm glad you made it through and are seeing the fruits of your efforts.
You've managed to express what we all feel or have felt. Good job! I agree with the critique of putting breaks in your writing. It's very difficult to follow when there aren't any spaces. God bless.
This is a lovely article. I'm sure just about every writer has had very similar feelings. It can be intimidating to pour your heart into a space then put it out there for the world to see.

You may want to break the piece up into several small paragraphs with double spacing between them to give the reader that important white space. I also noticed a few typos or missing words like come instead of came. A challenge buddy or critique group can help you to proof your piece before submission. Check the message boards for the groups.

You did an excellent job writing on topic. I could so relate to your MC. However, the cool thing about writing is even though it is scary, when we listen to God's prompting He can use our words to touch people from all over. What a wonderful message!