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How beautiful that such a painful experience would turn into something that would minister to others. Reminds me of Isaiah 61:3, beauty into ashes and you are most certainly wearing a garment of praise instead one of mourning.

As a word of advice, I would suggest that you study the use of "quotation marks", they have definitely been overused in this writing, and distract from the flow of your storytelling.

Enjoyed what you had to share and will looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future!

This was such a wonderfull message and so wonderfully told. It was so easy to admire and embrace the MC and the idea, at the end, to pray for the attackers is so powerful a conclusion. Well done!
You did a wonderful job with this revelant account of school bullying. Think of the mighty miracle you experience afterwards...because many teens commit suicide following a major event like you endured. Wow! to God be the glory and for the answer to forgive and pray for our enemies. I'm in awe...and you are a wonder. Good job!
This is quite touching. It is wonderful that you were able to overcome the trauma of this and move on in your lfe. Good illustration of not looking back.
This is really a gripping article. To think it is true and that such things continue to go on in our schools today at an alarming rate. poor kids. Glad the Lord used the experience for your good. Thanks for sharing such a personal piece of your life.
Oh, how my heart ached for the MC. I'm so glad that schools have an awareness of bullying now and have policies in place, although I'm sure it still happens. The power to forgive was definitely the key to the MC's ability to not look back, and make her life a positive influence. God bless!
A powerful account that compels belief, and which also challenges the reader to step off the paralysis carousel of reliving bad memories and let God reshape the pain into a pearl. Very well done, though the quotation marks were a little distracting.
So beautifully told. I'm glad that you've been able to put aside the pain and look to a way to help others. My heart breaks for kids who have nowhere or no one to turn to when they are the victims of this kind of violence. Great entry.
Your story was well-received by this reader. You kept my attention through your descriptive words and dialogue. It is unfortunate that these things are still happening today, but in your case, it caused you to become an even stronger person than before and make the trauma you went through go beyond its original intention. Thank you for sharing your story. Very nicely presented!
What an awesome and amazing story and message on several levels.
It reminds us again of the need to watch out for bullying.
How God turned this evil incident for good is a wonderful testimony for Romans: 8:28.
And your forgiveness and ability to move past the hurt is a wonderful example.
This story not only fits the topic perfectly and is beautifully written, it totally gripped my heart and is a story I will not forget. Thank you for sharing this testimony, which speaks volumes of your character and the wonder of God to shape us in so many ways. This was a true blessing to read!!
I am so sorry you experienced such a violent act and at such a young age. Except for Christ, a traumatic event such as this one can become a person's identity. In Him we can forgive, press forward, and not look back. I, too, hope those girls came to know Jesus. This story was right on topic and kept my attention. I thank God He has used this experience for good in your life!
Wow this is a heavy story. I related to the young MC right away, picturing her as me or one of my friends. Then my breath was taken away at the sudden violence. As I was reading it, I could not stand it a second more so I scrolled to the end of the page praying it wasn't a true story. My heart hurt when I found out it was and I wanted to go back and hold the little girl. But then you showed I didn't need to go back because Jesus held the little girl and helped turn her into an outstanding caring woman.
A very well written piece. Thank you for sharing so candidly the pains you have suffered. The Lord bless you.
I was bullied in high school and could totally relate to this article. It is very powerful.