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This is a riveting story. I've read several lately about the states possibly engaging in another civil war. I think it is something most of us fear.

Near the middle you used the topic phrase. Sometimes I will do that if I worry that not everyone will see the topic. This one though was quite broad and open to the reader's POV. I don't think you needed that phrase as I could really see the topic before that.

I thought it was clever to demonstrate the topic with a sense of reverse psychology. The country is not as strong when we are divided. You did a great job showing this.
Very nicely done. Good story line...and one of significance, as Shann said - it is one that has been discussed in many circles.

I liked the intensity, and I thought the conversations were very real.

Thank you for this.

God Bless~
I think it fit the topic, but I was personally confused about where the son, Randy stood. At first I thought him and the seceding states, were rebelling to gain back a Godly nation, fighting against a socialist administration. Which would fit today’s scenario in America, as implied in the story. But then when the dad named all the ungodly choices to join up and fight for, it made Randy and the seceding states seem to be fighting for evil freedoms, which I don’t think fits the scenario of America today. America already has more and more of the evil freedoms, there would be no need to secede to fight for them. So being totally confused about the reason for the secession in the story it would be hard to adequately answer the question asked in the story “The other question is this, should another war for independence ever come about, what do you think the Christian response should be? Interesting read for sure...but left me confused.
I'm not an American so I'm a bit 'out of the loop' on this topic. I'm a bit confused - a war of independence or a civil war?
An interesting story but hopefully far from likely! May American Christians, and all Christians, live in peace and in mercy and justice.
It makes you wonder....It could just happen in the US, if Jesus tarries. Good job! God bless!
This story leaves us with much to think about. Good job on an exceptionally well written piece.