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This is a perfect devotion. You explained things in a way that most everyone reading would truly understand. Though the verse has been used in almost every story I've read you did approach it in a fresh way. The part about the umbilical cord could be a devotion all on its own. It was the first thing that popped in my head when I heard the topic. I especially liked how you pointed out that 2 of the vessels are arteries. I think it is quite significant that God created 2 vessels going into the heart of the baby. To me it shows we need to take in double of God's blessings. You did a nice job with this piece. There is a different message for all of the different people reading this.
Very thought-provoking material, and I like how you ended on an umbilical rather than an unbiblical note.
Excellent job and very interesting take on the topic. Umbliical cord-what an original thought.

Nicely done, I enjoyed this.

God Bless~
I love it when God gives us those awesome kind of dreams that really mean something! At first I didn't notice the significance of the last part of the dream, about the manufacturer dying, but when you got to the end I was like, "Ohhh!" Absolutely brilliant. It was like a sweet cherry on top of the rest of the great thoughts you had built up from the wire analogy.

I loved your premise of how we often take our spiritual (wireless) connection to God for granted. It really makes the reader stop and think and examine their own "connection" to the Father.

Like Shann said, I think the umbilical cord part would make a great devotional all by itself. (I never knew that bit of info before. Quite insightful.) Though it did seem a tad out of place in conjunction with the rest of the article. I think you built up your point powerfully enough with the dream and the router that you wouldn't have needed that part.

Awesome take on the topic! The spiritual analogies here are amazing! Gave me some brain food to chew over...
Quite interesting, informative, and well written. I enjoyed this.
I love the emphasis on how God does give us dreams. I've always beleived and was pleased to see it addressed so wonderfully in this entry. God bless!
A technological devotional! This is an interesting approach on the topic. I agree the paragraph on the umbilical cord stands out above the rest. Well done on a nicely written piece!