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Oh my, I so love this! Your comedic timing is brilliant. I was seriously laughing out loud!(Yes I said seriously laughing:) You painted a hysterical picture for me.

The only part that slowed a tad for me was the dialog about 911 in the middle. I had to think a tad too hard to figure out who was speaking.

The ending was perfect. Not only did it make me laugh but your message was crystal clear. You didn't need to spoon feed it to either audience (the kids and the readers) It was spot on topic and creative, fresh and fun.
This is funny enough to be true. A very enjoyable read, though I thought the topic was "cord," not "board?" Sorry topic you up on that, but I'm sure you've inspired some readers to step into children's ministry, while ensuring that others will never go near it. Well done.
Hahahahahahahaha...This was so cute, and so much fun to read. It made my heart smile. Loved it- Thanks.

God Bless~
"Yo mamma's on my speed dial!" (HeHe! Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;) )

This kept me thoroughly amused. I enjoyed it from beginning to perfectly hilarious end! (Though the topic is "cord" and not "board." I totally love your creativity. :) )

I can't think of anything you could add to make this more awesome. Great writing! Thanks for making me smile. :)
Oh my, how I loved this story. My applause for all children's church workers and if this pair ever need a job, I encourage them to come to my, never mind. I do love our children's church director. LOL Thanks for this delightful story. God bless!
Bahahahhahaha! SO glad that I read this! For many MANY years, as in a couple of decades, I worked as assistant Children's Church Pastor. I was able to 'be there' through your story from first hand experience.

Love this entry, just absolutely LOVE it. Only Kid's Church workers can fully understand how magnificent this article is. Well done, good job and hats off, on both the article AND your program.
I thought this extremely hilarious! Good job!
I laughed--a lot. And it gets across the idea, too, in a humourous way.
I'm not sure if boards placed one on top of the other is the same as cords twined into each other; but then again who cares, the message remains intact, or is that unbroken. And you remain safely supported by the Three.

Inventive approach and enjoyable read. Well done.
Such a fun read. I was in the audience with those kids and had the same reactions as they did... mission accomplished, right? My only question is if you need any almost-seniors for chaperones for the kids? I'd love to see this in person. You did a fantabulous job and made my morning. I laughed so hard I may just be ready to tackle the rest of the morning's work now. Thanks!
Well written piece.

You were on topic and I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Not sure if I would be brave enough to try it though.
An enjoyable and hilarious read! ROFL! Well done on a nicely written piece!
Congrats on your Editor's Choice! This was such a fun story. :)
Congrats! God Bless~
My heart is smiling--when I read this article, I knew it had to be a winner! Love it! From one "kids church" leader to another---well done, my friend, VERY well done.
Good job on this humerous, well written piece. Congrats!
Congratulations on your placing - well done.
Congratulations in placing first in your division and number 4 overall!