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I enjoyed this piece. You did a great job of piquing my interest right away. How true that gossip can tear down so quickly.

There have been many stories this week about that verse and marriage. I did like how you brought in new thoughts to it and explained what each cord means to you.

I thought the vows at the end were creative and the perfect words to promise when starting out on this new journey.

I also enjoyed the underlying message and how the church can be divided over something as silly as a wedding being held outside instead of in the church. After all, God is everywhere!
Beautifully written, and spot on for the topic.

I liked how you showed that "God is everywhere" and that the "Church" is of Jesus Christ - and that resides in our hearts. So the marriage did not have to take place within a "building" to be valid.

Nice take on the topic.

God Bless~
I always love stories about weddings. :) My, how could anyone oppose an outdoor wedding by a lake?! That's my dream wedding, right there! Hope I don't have any of those super-pious (or super biased) people at my wedding. :)

I like how you showed the pastor's struggle over what to say that would be appropriate for the occasion and yet convicting for some of the people, and how God gave him just the right words! The part about Adam and Eve being married in a garden was genius. I also love the unique and fun vows that the couple said, and how the pastor had all the other married couples hold hands during the reciting of the vows. How sweet!

Very great job on this one! Extremely good choice for the topic.
What a beautiful, delightful and inspiring story. A good reminder that some people will find fault with anything...what could be more romantic than a wedding outdoors by a lake? I loved this story. God bless!
Beautifully written and the conflict so believable, though foolish to most. But I have seen some of the silliest conflicts in churches, this is all too believable! I love how you also brought into this the caring of the couple to want to use their wedding as another way to reach and teach their un-churched friends. I can see Jesus smiling at that and it also makes me think this may be based on a true storyis it? I think this fit the topic perfectly and I loved the story and its message beginning to end!
Good writing. It is very interesting, very real, and makes a wonderful point about gossip. It also lifts up the sanctity of Christian marriage. Well done.
An interesting way of putting a point across within a marriage vow. A nicely written piece and an enjoyable read.
Congratulations for placing 6th in level three!