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This is a lovely story. Dr Rachel is qyite wise. You had a strong beginning. You introduced the MC and inspired me to keep reading.

I noticed a couple of tiny errors. When you set a descriptive phrase like my cousin, Dr. Rachel, make sure you put commas before and after the phrase. A good way to test it is take out the part Dr Rachel if the sentence still makes sense then you know you need 2 commas.

There have been many articles this week about the Ecclesiastes verse. It's interesting to see how different people use it in their life.

You did a great job writing on topic. Your message was clear and to the point without coming off as preachy. You did an excellent job in showing how the scripture fits into the modern world.
Well written piece, I truly enjoyed the read. Thank you for this. God Bless~
Right on topic! I liked Dr. Rachel's illustration.

Noticed a minor error in this sentence: "Looking at to todays youth..."

You are quite blessed to have a godly marriage counselor in your family. I'm sure I'd be chatting with her constantly on what makes a strong, healthy family if she where my cousin. :)
Very well written and I also like Dr. Rachel's illustration of the the threefold cord. Good job with the topic. God bless!
This was interesting and well told. Dr. Rachel is a great character, and the ropes are great illustrations of the topic.
Good teaching on the threefold cord symbolization. Thank you for sharing this.