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Beautiful story!
So contemporary in situation and timeless in truth! Wonderful story!
Very nice..and what a commentary. I like the fact that it was realistic and to the work place. Real life stuff. God bless ya, littlelight
who doesn't know a "Mike"? Your article was a wonderful demostration of how loving those people in our lives can have a great outcome!
Very nicely written, with an authentic voice. A few spellings to note: eau de / ode da and biddy / bitty. A highly original take on the topic, written well.
Very nice! I was thinking how good it was that where he worked he could keep a bible on his desk!I also liked that you made him bold with his words.
good modern story offering hope to someone that is hurting. If I were Mike, though, I'd probably still think the sec'y's perfume stunk! LOL! I'm glad he could change though and become nice. Good story.
Good story, unique character and great message! :)
I liked the different types of ugly. I also liked that he stopped at her booth on the way back, but I felt like he was being sarcastic when he said he'd buy some for his wife! That's a big turnaround! Still, very real characters, and I enjoyed it very much.
:) Karen
Mike's got a lot going on: his son, possibility of losing his job, his attitude prob, facing up to his own ugliness. Glad there was a Jerry who wasn't afraid to speak God's love into his life. A challenge to us all. Good work.
I enjoyed the story, and how you ended it.
Got a little lost in some of the dialogue where there was no action, but I understood what was going on.
Your characters were brought out nicely, and I liked reading Jerry's thoughts. :)
Good story. It brings home the fact that it's easier to show mercy when you're desirous of it.
Confused me at first but then after I had read it all through, I got it. Very real.
Nice! This could be used as a Sunday school lesson. Sometimes negativity becomes so like second nature that we don't even realize we are doing it until someone points it out to us. It also goes to show that you never know what is going on in the life of another. What a great story:)
The title had me confused. I thought for sure you'd never name it that. I really liked this, very well written!
I like it a LOT. Great fun and sort of similar to the contemporary angle I took this week. I love the different voices of your characters. Very strong.
A nice start in his change of attitude - good example of how he still loves his son even though he messed up -gives him a glimpse of what God does for us.
A great example of the difference circumstances can make on someone being open to talking about God, and also about how pride was stripped away enough to make him think of being nice to someone else.