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This is a great story. I could see the middle part when the girls were teen as a wonderful part of a YA novel. If you expanded on it and showed how the girls struggled it would be an outstanding book for teens.

I think this week many writers will reference this verse. I liked how you illustrated the point using friendship. I think that is a fresh take on the topic.
Nicely done...this was a creative take on the subject. I enjoyed the dialogue and the interaction of the characters. Thank you.

God bless~
What a totally "feel good" story! You really felt for the twins as they moved with the stress and the cruel treatment. The way you wove the topic into a triune friendship that, as the end of the story showed, would up lasting a lifetime was brilliant. Great work here!
A delightful story. And a sad reminder of how cruel kids in school can be. I'm so happy that many anti-bullying programs have evolved. This was well written and I also loved the topic used as friendship. God bless!
I loved this article; you really swept me up in the lives of the twins. This would make such a terrific book for kids in just this situation. Think about it. Nice job!
I keep reading so many excellent stories on this topic this week. I really love this one. The dialogue is excellent and the realism of the twins' feelings as they are picked on is very compelling. Most compelling of all, though, is how three people united and stood up to a bully. Not by fighting back, but by standing together. Reminds me very much of Shadrach, Meshach and Adednego who did the same in Daniel (chapter 3).
A nicely written piece and a very pleasant read. I like the characterization and how you illustrate strength with three together. Well done!