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Wow - powerful story here. It sounds as if it is a true account. Thank you for this sobering story...I really felt it was beautifully done.

God Bless~
This left me with tears in my eyes. You brought the truth to the forefront so well and without it feeling preachy. We do need to minister to others. However when we do something for God, not only do others reap the reward but we do as well. It's like doing things for Christ instead of doing for ourselves or even others is the best hat trick possible.

The only red ink I could offer is I noticed in one sentence you used but twice.

The ending was beautiful and you packed a lot in the word limit. I really enjoyed this and left it feeling blessed.
I can see that these Saturdays are holidays for those you minister to, yet also for you. Good writing. God bless you.
After working 20 years for Teen Challenge, a Christian drug and alcohol rehab, I so relate with this story. It was touching and well written. God bless!
A great peek into the lives of street people. We sometimes forget these are people just like you and I who need more than clothes, food and money. Thank God there are those like this story's mc who are there to give help them find it. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
Our Father who art... Thy Kingdom come...

Loved the story and know the truth of how often small touches of God can bring comfort into the darkest lives.

In the third paragraph, the two buts are butting heads. I feel it would be better as, "And even though... they would run..."

In the fourth paragraph the word intend should be intended.

If this is a true story, as it appears to be, then I think all concerned are benefitting from the break (brief holiday).
This is great. Inspiration can be found in unexpected places, can't it? :)
It's so easy to forget how blessed we are, until confronted with the lives of those less fortunate.

There but for the grace of God, go I.
A great account of the 'holiday' you provide for these people on Saturdays. And the blessings flow both ways - you bless them and they you.
Very strong and interesting account of ministering and being ministered to.
An extremely challenging Challenge entry!
This was very well done. I really appreciated Floyd'answer to his own question. God bless you for your ministry.