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This was a fun story to read. I'm not a lawyer but I'd like to point out that neither holiday would hold any importance without the other. If there hadn't been a resurrection, the birth of the babe would be just another prophet. Likewise without the birth into a human, Jesus couldn't sacrifice himself for us. Hmm maybe I should try law school. :) I did really enjoy the personality of all three characters and I think you did a good job putting the arguments together in only 750 words.

Tiny red ink peeked should be piqued and through should be throw.

I always enjoy a story that makes a person stop and think about what their own personal beliefs are. Personally, I think Jesus would prefer a moped. :)
Cute and different type of story...and certainly on topic. This was interesting and an easy read, I enjoyed it. Good job with the dialogue and amazing imagination. I truly enjoyed it.

God Bless~
Good unabashed truth of the resurrection of our Christ, set in a factual, though unusual background. Great points and good writing.