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Beautifully written poem. Excellent use of imagery and strong word choice. I love the repeated "mossy and grey..." lines. Powerful stuff.
Lovely piece. Hauntingly beautiful. God Bless~
I could feel myself there with you. Nicely written.
Beautiful! Well done.
A beautiful poem. Though I haven't been to Ireland this poem evoked lovely images of colour and textures. I particularly like the last stanza.

Just one query - I couldnt' make sense of the line below. Was there a typo?

'I knew take care to set carefully my path from which I mustn’t stray'
Oh my, this is good! Haunting - the spirit of poetry manifest!
This is beautiful. I can picture the stones and the setting you describe. Poetry isn't my strongest genre as I often feel I'm missing something important. You did give me goosebumps with your descriptions and I so appreciate the hard work it took to make the words flow so seemingly easy.
I try not to read the comments before I comment. It made me smile that though one person didn't understand the line about taking care to not stray from the path, I understood it! Maybe I'm not as dense with poetry as I thought! Not only is it important to watch every step while climbing about an old abbey but even more important while walking the path of life not to stray from the path Jesus sets before us. (If I got the meaning totally wrong, then just let me bask in my ignorance :)
The 'grey and mossy stones'really paints the picture of these places I remember as a kid. The need for need for 'care'in placing each step on a path dangerous to walk was a great reminder of of the English/Irish coastline.
This is a lovely poem, depicting the place of "just enough."
Congratulations & God Bless~
I can just hear this being sung in Irish brogue with flutes and penny whistles playing in the background. Beautiful!