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What a great article on perspective! This was well written yet simple and clear and it connects. Everyone has seen something like this. Some of us are guilty of doing something like this. Very humbling and an excellent job of tying it all back to Jesus and the resurrection. Great job!
This is a beautiful devotion. I love how you started with a true story and then showed how life mirrors scripture. You did a great job transitioning from the train to the Bible. I, too, stop and pray for people when I'm in the hospital and hear a code called or driving and hear a police or ambulance siren. It's true that often you may be praying for people you will never meet, but God knows them intimately. The last paragraph was a beautiful prayer. Even though it wasn't phrased as a prayer, it still will reach God's ears each time someone reads those words and really relates to them. What a blessing you have given me this morning.
Beautifully written!

Wonderful job of detailing the cavalier attitudes of "humans" going through the motions of everyday life. This was a harsh, yet honest rendition that can pertain to many individuals as they take offense to "something interfering in their daily routines."

Brilliant job of tying the events together with Jesus Christ...Pure genius. I love it.

God bless~
Quite a holiday happening! Show the vast difference in the Christian's perspective and the frequent attitudes of a world that gives Him little thought. Yet, it was for these disinterested folks too that "Someone Died" on that first good Friday. What love!
It's so sad that people become jaded, cynical and insensitive. We've all been guilty, I'm sure. This was a good reminder of what is important. Well written. God bless!
Good story reminding us of the uncertaintity of life. Like how you connected this experience to the death of Jesus and the price He paid for our salvation.
The third paragraph could use a bit of tightening. For example, "suddenly" instead of "all of a sudden".
I felt you built this story very well indeed; just like bits of bait to keep the reader reading.

And of course, it is a true story on two fronts; the experience on the train and the attitude towards the events of the Cross.

Well done.
Well written story. I can see this being used in a communion service.

You tied the two events together with ease.

I pray for the families of victims in situations like this, too. It just seems natural to do that since they are really going to need God's help. Our society has become so task-oriented that the human facttor is often forgotten. I liked the way you joined the present tragedy to the tragedy that so many people don't care that Jesus died. He gave everything for them and only a few will ever care that He did. You did a fantastic job on this article.
You had an excellent lead-in for a really outstanding devotional.
Congratulations & God Bless~
This is marvelous! Very thought-provoking. I love how you showed the contrast of what comes naturally to believers (i.e. praying) versus what comes naturally to the jaded and unsaved (i.e. complaining).

Congratulations on your win!
Your article touched my heart deeply. Thank you for a look into your world that became such an appropriate vision into the eternal. Yes we forget....Father forgive me for my busyness and forgetfulness of Your sacrifice, grace, mercy and lovingkindness- that endure forever- no matter what I do!
Congratulations, well done!
This is so thought-provoking. Great job.
Wow! Thank you for sharing and helping us be aware of how He tries to relate with us everyday in so many ways. God bless.
Great story--well written-so glad you shared--