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This was a story that had me from the first sentence to the last. Great job with this...Powerful dialogue that at times made me flinch; but had me smiling because I knew what was coming.

Thanks for this clever entry.
God Bless
Good job! Dialogue flowed well. Interesting way to view the resurrection!
This is really creative. I liked the different POV of Easter. You did a good job getting into the minds of the demons. It's a different take then most people would imagine and I think it's good to make others think about things in a new way.
I knew I had a tiny bit of red ink but I forgot to add it. You may want to be more careful with your title as it gave away the ending. I'm not the best at titles and I don't always read them but you may want to file that away. I suspected it would end how it did but not everyone might know the truth. Again I did really enjoy this and think it was a creative take on the topic. The ending was quite descriptive and gave me chills.
Titles are maybe my weakest point (if I could pick only one) lol. - but I did notice that. Otherwise,I thought this was well written and a very real aspect of what the resurrection meant.
I loved this take on the resurrection, told from a different perspective. You did a great job! God bless!
Good job! This was fun and and lively because the whole time you're reading it, you know how off base their thought process is. But you captured the enemy self-involved and greedy that they can't see what's coming.
I like the title, by the way. I think it fits both in the way the story ends and in what the enemy "thinks" has just happened. Very nice job.
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level three!