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A beautiful account of Paul's journey. A well written piece of this extraorinary man who was called Saul, until the Good Lord touched his heart and became Paul.

I loved it...Excellent job with this entry.

God Bless~
It's hard to condense Paul's life to 750 words. You did a great job. A few suggestions: Try to use more creative ways to introduce Paul without overworking "He." For a less choppy flow, consider combining sentences. Ex:
"So as he was traveling on that day, heading toward another crusade, he was interrupted. It was a light, a bright light."

"So as he was traveling on that day, heading toward another crusade, he was interrupted by a bright light."

Watch for the inappropriate use of these: ...

It happens to all. No matter how much you edit, sometimes those pesky mistakes slip through; as in: "He was greatly feared him."

Paul is one of my favorite biblical characters. Thanks for showcasing him.
This is a good synopsis of Paul's conversion and his ministry. However it reads like a list, and not a narrative or story. Work on showing what happens rather than just telling us. I really like the ending!!
I knew who you were writing about by the end of the second paragraph, and not because you told me but because you showed me. What I loved about the very opening of this piece is that for a moment, just a moment, that story could be set anywhere, at anytime. Was he schooled at Harvard or Stanford? And then the story begins to unfold and reveal Saul/Paul. I enjoyed this very much.
Incredible! Only Jesus can do the impossible!
I especially loved the way you begin your story drawing me right in. Excellent!
An enjoyable read of Paul's account from a different POV. Nicely crafted and well written.
I loved the way you drew me in - and I also knew who you were talking about in the second paragraph, but that was fine with me! Nicely done.
This was beautifully done. Really makes one think of the cost to Paul and all of the Paul's after him.
Yes, this is quite an achievement, and well put. Interesting title too.
I really enjoyed this article. I like the twist at the end that this is the apostle Paul speaking. And it comes together great at the end!