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Great job on this! The dialog seems natural, her joy and thoughts expressed well. Nice take on this biblical story. I have always loved how Jesus knew she touched Him, amid all the other bumps and touches, she touched with faith. That would be an amazing achievement. Enjoyed the read, a blessing to be reminded to keep our faith strong!
A wonderful retelling of the familiar passage in the Bible. A well written account that solidifies how amazing Jesus Christ our Savior is. Thank you.

God Bless~
Very well written. Using the form of a letter was a creative idea and made the story interesting and easy to read. Good job!
A nicely written piece, but I think using 'Joshua' does not do justice or give credit to our Lord, even though the name means 'Jehovah (God) is salvation.' While it is true the name 'Joshua' in Hebrew (Yahowshuwa) is the same as 'Jesus' in Greek (Iesous), not everybody knows this fact, and the article being written in English, IMHO should follow the same. I can of course understand that this being fiction, using the Lord's name may seem inappropriate, so if that's the reason, then excluding the name to just refer to the Master or Teacher may be an alternative.

Nonetheless, I like the way you present this story from a different POV. Good job on the plot and content!

A hearty Congratulations!
God Bless you~
Congratulations on being highly commended with this very detailed entry. I too was puzzled about Joshua until I read the above comment. And I would never have guessed the author - well maybe those pesky flies had your signature - so well done you!
Loved this take on two Bible stories at once! Very well-written. Congrats on getting Highly Commended!
This is a great POV and you managed to capture the woman's agony quite nicely. I did stop and scratch my head when I came upon the Joshua part but maybe that was because my head was itchy. :) Congratulations on the HC and on placing 18th overall.