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Great job of bringing the cold splash of reality to life...when a parent realizes their "child" is no longer a "child."

Great job of showing rather than telling the mom's internal and external conflict during this auspicious occassion.

God Bless~
Was TOTALLY not expecting the twist at the end! Love the emotion and description.
Well written. Surprise at the end! I like good beginnings and endings that make me think.
A surprising ending with many more years ahead for the MCs to achieve. Nicely written and an interesting read.
I loved it! You got me in the end. Well crafted, causing me to laugh out loud at the ending.
This was wonderful. I too was caught by surprize at the ending. Having a son who graduated high school a few years ago, the piece made me think of that day for him. My two sons are 12 years apart in age. So the day before my older son's high school graduation ... my little guy graduated kindergarten. I was emotional at both.

Thanks for stirring the memories in me. Enjoy your daughter!
What a great ending! Not only made me laugh, made me think about all of my own motherly moments performed in "overdrive." :)
Ahh I love this. I thought it might be a kindergarten graduation. I can so empathize with your MC. My babies grew up so fast. My oldest is getting married, my middle one is getting ready to go to Seminary and my baby is graduating from High School. It does go fast and you did a great job of tugging on my heart. Congratulations on placing 9th in level 3!
Definitely a surprise ending! Great job and congrats on your placement. Glad you are able to go to a writing conference- hope you get a lot of encouragement from it!
What a perfect visual of graduation day from a mother's perspective. Love it!
I knew from the start that it was a kindergarten or preschool graduation and enjoyed the giggles to myself as I read. Watch out for tense changes--you switched back and forth between present and past tense often. Otherwise very well-written. Sweet story!