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Well-written and enjoyable. I wanted more though, especially at the end. How did the fragrance make him feel better? Why? Who was it from?
I could picture the scene so clearly from your writing. It is amazing the small things that seem so insignificant that can be so comforting to us.
Smell is the most ancient of the senses that evokes emotion. You've captured a piece of that in your story.
In a word .. Awesome. A touch of darkness, unfolding to deliverance. Very well done.
I agree. It's true that miraculous way in which God brings comfort and deliverence to our souls. Knows our hearts.
This is well done. God bless ya, littlelight
I'm sure its just me, but I have a hard time with stories that start out highly realistic, then introduce a supernatural element in a matter-of-fact way. I wonder if Brian's healing revelation could have been brought about in a more typical way...but like I said, that's just personal preference. Your writing is top-notch, very deftly capturing Brian's pain.
You have a wonderful skill with description. I was unsure about the ending..but you write beautiful
Very well done, ever have one of those moments when you say "wish I had written that" - my impression tonight. blessings - dub