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I love the strength and courage of this MC. My daughter had a learning disorder but it took most of her school life to get help for her. Eventually she went on to college and then received her Masters. There is always hope.
Thank you for this entry. I certainly can relate to this being dyslexic. The hardest part of being dyslexic is when individuals think it has to do with "intellect."

Good job. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless~

My son is Dyslexic and I can certainly relate to the struggles they face. Applause for the teacher in your story, who turned the disability into a positive! Who better to have the right mix of compassion and understanding, and the drive to push beyond the disability than a teacher that has lived it. I love your last paragraph and I think many Dyslexics are like that. Great job on this!
A very moving and inspiring piece. I applaud the MC and like the way he was painted as a hero ... like the one he is. All our children should read this one!
I loved this! What a great story, so touching! God can use any of us. This should be published! God bless!
A very creative and nicely written piece. I like the abbreviations used in your story. They get the message across very well. A lot of time we tend to expect everyone to have the same level of understanding, but fail to realize there are those who need more care. May all of us learn to be more sensitive to the needs of others. Thank you for sharing this. I hope your story will bring awareness to many. God bless.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level 3!
I have several relatives who are dyslexic. This is a great story about overcoming the odds through determination and through Christ's help.

(Hint: I think you mean Hebrews 11:1 instead of Hebrews 12:1. :) )

Great job, and congrats on your high-ranking story!