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Oh my heart hurt for this MC so much. I was riveted from the very beginning.

Be careful that you don't give the ending away with your title.

I thought the comparison of a deadly tornado to a battered heart was brilliant. You made the pain and hunger for love jump from the screen.
Loved your words, and loved this entry. Clever use of topic. Nicely done.

God Bless~
Great writing!
This was very well done. Excellent imagery. I can't help but think that her pshychology classes were the means that the enemy used to break down her defences. He is so very clever. A mind set on Christ is strengthened but a mind set on man is vulnerable.
You paint images with words SO well. I could really see in my mind the whole scene and could feel Ashley's torment at the end. This was brilliantly written. Wonderful work!
This captured me from the beginning. I felt Ashley's every emotion. Well done and well written. God bless!
Your MC's prayer to stay focus on the Lord and complete the Christian psychology degree has been answered! I enjoy reading this nicely written piece. A delightful read. Well done!
Your story captured my interest immediately and didn't let go. I felt every one of you Ashly's emotions. Excellent job.
Not sure what the conflict is here.

But very good use of imagery to support your story.

You did a super job grabbing my interest with the unfolding emotions of the MC. The twister analogy really works here. Nice job.