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This is an interesting story. I read it with a deep desire to learn more about these characters.

I must admit I did get a tad lost in the transition from the MC being excited to pray to suddenly becoming fearful. I suspect this is because of ignorance on my part.

The ending was beautiful. You made a great point with the line --“In this church there must not be any teaching about the Fullness and Baptism of the Holy Spirit ”
And at those strange times…everyone said…Amen.
I don't think I will ever understand that. I know I live in an isolated little safe world but that last line broke my heart. Great job with a fresh take on the topic.
This elicited all kinds of emotions within my soul. A fine job with this...thank you.

God Bless~
When we are weakest, the Lord's power can come upon us. This was a powerful story.
This was a wonderful story and reminded me of the many short mission journeys I have taken. I like your willingness to be used by Him even when feeling ill-equipped. I have found often times that the so-called "unrewarding" experiences are the ones that produce the most long term fruit in me - for they strengthen my reliance on Him and His power alone. Well done!
I could totally relate to this story because I too have experienced the confusion that comes when you have heard God's voice so clearly before, and then suddenly you wonder why you can't discern it anymore. Very frustrating for a believer! I appreciated the hope with which you ended the story, telling of how the Lord answered your prayer and filled you with His Spirit.

Thanks for this encouraging entry!
I enjoyed consuming this powerful story. I felt the emotions, throughout the piece.

"There, my husband and I and our three children lived most of our life. In 1993, the Lord’s will brought us here to the USA to start a new life because of the persecution of Christians which was all around us."

This paragraph broke the flow and made my head spin a little. Might have been better placed at or toward the end, or left out.

And regarding the end. I'm not sure what "N.B." stands for, but this looks like a footnote? Interesting note, but it lead to more questions for me, like how did you get from "must not teach on the Fullness and Baptism of the Holy Spirit" to actually experiencing this phenomenon? As a suggestion, I would have either left it out, or wove it into the story and expanded on it.

Anyway, the meat of the story is fantastic. Incredible. Beautiful. I loved it.
This story made me reflect on many things: the persecution of Christians in other countries and how much we take our freedom for granted in America, the yearning of many for the presence and empowering of the Holy Spirit, the battle of those who struggle with depression (as Costa), the desire of a mother for help for her child, and the longing to be used of God. Thanks for sharing this poignant story. God bless!
It is hard to imagine how we can serve God to the fullest without the pouring of the Holy Spirit on us. Just as the Lord had promised in John 14:26 and Acts 1:8, let us receive His power by the infilling and regeneration of the Holy Spirit.

This is a powerfully written piece that puts across a very clear message. Thanks for sharing this. God bless.