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This is a heart-wrenching story on so many levels. It certainly isn't a decision one must take lightly. I admire your courage for sharing this. I pray little Sarah is doing well and thriving in her new home.
Thank you for sharing this poignant story. I pray that little Sarah is doing exceedingly well in her new home...and I pray for your continued peace.

God Bless~
So well written, I felt the anguish myself. Thank you for sharing your story.
Oh, this resonated throughout my spirit. What a choice to be faced with! This was so good and very well written. God bless!
You can tell a story is very well written when you have readers hoping and praying that your cousin, Sarah, is doing well. We connected with her and with the weight of this difficult decision and time in your life.

I too applaud your willingness to share openly. This was a moving story. Very well done!
The feelings must be really hard to take, yet it is only right that the decision must be made by all involved, albeit the grown-ups who are responsible. Rest assured God will take care of every situation, even if a decision is made contrary to what is believed to be the right choice. For where more than one is involved, consensus prevails according to the freedom of choice. God sees and understands the intent of our hearts.

A well written piece that speaks to the heart. God bless you and yours.

Awesome Theresa ... congrats on your 1st place finish!
WOW! This is powerful! A huge congratulations on a very well deserved 1st place.

Theresa, this compelling story belongs at the top. Congratulations! Well done!:-)
Congratulations Theresa!!!! Well deserved and overdue recognition!! Woo hoo!
Interesting story. You kept the suspense up right to the very end. I'm so glad this won an EC!
Wow! I appreciated so much that the M.C. respected her husband's decision, though she would have chosen differently. Very moving and compelling. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your win! A heart wrenching story, all the more sad because it is true. Be comforted---God does all things well.

And, in the "for what it's worth" department; I live on the east coast and it is not rocky, it is soft and lovely.
Big fat old lady hugs just flew across cyber space at you: muuuuwAAAAH!
Very powerful. Congratulations on your EC win!
Congrats Buddy! Hey this means you get to go to MASTERS!! OH Yeah! Doin a happy dance for you!(even though they drive you crazy)