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This is an enjoyable read. Having a church is important but finding the right fit isn't always easy. You did a nice job showing your message.
Great subject, good writing, good lesson to remember. Watch the placing of semi-colons!
I really thought this was going to be a true story, or based on one. It resonated with authenticity tenfold.
It was a very good read with an important message from beginning to end.

Thank you for this. Church is so important, and the "right fit" sometimes takes more than one "hunt."

Nicely told, and nicely done.
God Bless~
Nice writing and a truly important message.
This entry is a great reminder of how we should treat those new to our church. It's easy to settled in a rut and familiarity by interacting with those we know at church. This was well written!
I really enjoyed your willingness to be open and vulnerable here. That had to be tough moving to a new environment like did. This piece was filled with so much wisdom and I really liked how you focused on our individual responsibilitty when it comes to being in new settings - all to often, we put all the blame on others. I connected with your "two way street" thinking. Wonderful writing.
Great story, message, and flow. Loved this line:

"I experienced the chill of anonymity."

My only suggestion is to delete the first word, since it's unnecessary.
You described perfectly the need for "Koinonia". It's the Greek word used to describe perfect Christian fellowship with other believers and with God. you said, it is absolutely essential for every believer to join into that perfect unity and fellowship, or be left alone to battle the hounds of hell alone.

Very good message... written perfectly!
This is so very true! Good Job! :)
Good message here and written sincerely from the heart. Good use of the topic.
I absolutely agree that feeling at home is a two way street, and we need not wait for people to welcome us to a new place. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.
You have some good advice tucked into your interesting piece.
Congratualtions on receiving "Highly Commended" for this beautiful entry!

Congratulations on your HC and placing 13th overall!