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Words cannot describe how much and how deeply I admire you! The situation with you child is challenging enough. But to extend yourself as to try and see things from the perspective of the doctor, I find that truly remarkable.

This story flowed so well. It was beautifully written and it engaged the reader from the very beginning. Thank you for sharing your story, and your life, with us.
God Bless you. This is truly an outstanding entry on all levels. Thank you for your candor and revealing your private life, and for being so incredibly brave.

God chose you to be her mom, and so that speaks volumes. You must be one special lady to take on such a role.

Thank you for this powerful and emotional entry.

God Bless you abundantly~
Wow this is such a powerful entry and touching story. No wonder it was so realistic.
This is a touching story. I thought it was clever to take a true story and tell it from someone else's POV. I can't imagine hearing this news as a mother. I applaud your courage in sharing your story.
Thank you for sharing your touching story. Your strength comes through loud and clear... the writing was well paced and felt real. No wonder...
I love true stories and this one touched my heart! And like Shann, I liked that it was told from the doctor's POV. Thanks for sharing! God bless you and yours!
I love how you approached this from the other side! Very powerful, well-written story. So intensely real, even before I knew it was nonfiction.

Sending {{{{hugs}}}} and prayers your way.
A well written piece from a probable perspective seeing from the doctor's viewpoint. Thank you for sharing candidly on this. May our God who gives endurance and encouragement grant you peace and assurance with the strength you need in Christ Jesus. God bless you and yours.
I was totally gripped by this story. I'd almost forgotten to breathe. This was like a replay of my own experience 38 years ago, but my son had a far less degree of cerebral palsy. It was a clever idea to write from the doctor's viewpoint and you unfolded the story very well. The unexpected ending was the final touch to a highly charged and poignant entry. Very well done! God bless you.