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This was an entertaining and well written entry. The message was strong and the ending was powerful. Nicely done. I enjoyed this.

God Bless~
Oh, the things we miss in life because of our busy, busy schedules. How many opportunities slip by us, and the chances be His hand extended. I loved the deeper meaning in this entry. God bless!
A nicely written story with an important reminder. Well done!
I enjoyed this story. I thought it was quite clever to have him react on the third time. God uses numbers and the number three has great Biblical implications. You said so much more by having your MC's eyes open on the third time. This is right on topic and very thought-provoking.
Loved this, as it carried suggestions of the parable of the sheep and goats from Matthew 25 - especially with your MC feeling that he kept running into the same homeless man. Reworking such an element into it as a modern-day parable would carry even greater strength - and probably get published in a Christian magazine. Could be worth a try - if yuou don't place for an EC this week.
Great story.Very intriguing, I enjoyed the suspense!
An excellent piece with an important message. Too often we have been rushing to fail to do what is right. May the Lord slow us down to see the needs of others amid our busyness and cares.
I love the line "for a moment he cared" I had this happen to me and I prayed; "Lord, tell me what I can do" and the next thing I knew I was working in a homeless shelter. :)
"I wish I had your problem..." Wow...that's great stuff. Reminded me of this....
A heartwarming story! It reminded me of the book of Hebrews where it talks about "entertaining angels unaware." I don't know if the homeless man was meant to be an angel, but the lesson that we should slow down and look for a need to fill in others' lives is greatly felt in this story.

I think a little more "showing" rather than "telling" would make this piece even extra powerful.

Great job with this one! Keep up the good work!
Your story demonstrates well the idea of entertaining angels unaware. As I read, I kept wondering if this was an angel.