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Wow! This was a marvelous entry of what Judas may have been going through prior to that "horrendous day."

This was well written, powerfully executed, and completely on topic.

It was a clever use of topic...turned it around to the antithesis of "encouragement" by the "other side." Interesting way of presenting encouragement.

Brilliant job...Thank you for this. Well done.

God bless you~
A very creative new POV to a familiar story. Captivating read. Very well written.
I didnt know youre a Biblical historian. Ha ha ha (laugh) What is encouraging to me was that Judas is different. He does not seem to be the same person who betrayed Jesus.
Encouragement to do a dastardly deed - that's a clever twist! You had great dialogue, but I think sometimes it got lost in the action; at least for me.
I loved your progressive development of the characters through your use of diaglogue. A wonderful example of "showing." The story moved right to a fitting end. :-)
Oh, I love this. This is such a unique POV. It makes one thing about Judas' motivation.
A very bold approach re-characterizing Judas in the story. On the whole as a fictional story, the plot from a different POV is well written.
Chilling twist on a familiar story. I read a poem one time about two mothers meeting in heaven and talking of their sons - one was Jesus' mother, Mary, and the other was Judas' mother. Very poignant! Good job writing this entry! God bless!
That was an imaginative piece. I've often thought what Judas' point of view might be like. Good job of making it come to life.
This is a POV I've never seen presented before, and as such I love it. You had some pleasing understatement and implications. The only red ink I would have would be check your pacing. A few paragraphs felt very rushed. Overall, well done!
This story is utterly brilliant! You painted Judas in an entirely different light than the way we usually see him. And yet it shows that he still had a choice, no matter what his motives were or who was influencing him.

Marvelous writing!
Hello Shann,
I was curious at your title for this submission and as I desire to learn more about all the wonderful word smiths at FWs, decided to give it a read through. Your story line captivated my interest and has given me reason to contemplate a very essential part of who we all are, that no one but or heavenly Father knows. Motives....out heart issue. Thank you for this well written entry into why none of us has the capacity to or should ever presume to judge why another does what they do!