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WOW! This was a good entry, it sounded like it could be based on a true story.

Thanks for it. Great ending. God Bless~
Such a well written, entertaining read! I know boys will be boys, but WOW, poor about scaring the man half to death! Glad you lived to tell the story! At least a lesson was learned...the hard way!
My, you have a way with words. The first line is brilliant, and I loved this:

"We werent poor; we just didnt have any money. When we opened our windows of a morning, the birds threw bread into us; and a plane crash three blocks away once caused about fifteen dollars worth of improvements."

I recall one instruction in writing that says, 'Never tell us what you're going to write next." And, when I read 'At this point I will switch to quoting Dad...' I was sort of thrown out of the piece. Perhaps, something like 'As for the rest of the story, Dad retells it best...' would flow more smoothly.

At any rate, I enjoyed the story, and I was especially entertained by your voice.

Oh my! I always know I'm in for a good read when my face hurts from smiling so much. This is too crazy to be anything but a true story and I loved it! Great job. What a wonderful way to start my day!
I kept hoping throughout the whole story that they kids inthe back would be okay - I was that engaged. This truly was a well crafted piece of writing. I thought it flowed well. Good job!
Very entertaining and descriptive.
I remember experiencing a terrifying ride similar to this, except I was on the hood of the car. I'm sure these two boys, like me, could hardly walk when it was over. Wow! You made this LIVE!
Oh my, I just couldn't help but love those two mischievous little boys! Like Theresa, I loved the line 'we weren't poor, we just didn't have any money.' Good job, well written! God bless!
Noel, you're nothing short of a hooligan! When I was a young girl my older brother plonked me on the back of his motorbike and roared off into the sunset. I was petrified and can break out in spots just thinking about it. Your story reminded me of my experience. Boys will be boys!
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level three! HAPPY DANCE!